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1. The Article 360 of the Constitution od India relates to

A. President’s rule in States

B. General Emergency

C. Election Commission

D. Financial Emergency

2. In Rajasthan, Mount Abu, famous for Jain temples is known for

A. Abu temple

B. Ranakpura temple

C. Dilwara temple

D. Marble temple


3. International Women’s day is celebrated on

A. 6th March

B. 7th March

C. 8th March

D. 9th March

4. Whichof the following territories has its territorial areas spread in three states?

A. Chandigarh

B. Delhi

C. Lakshadeep

D. Puducherry

5. Nitrogen fixing bacteria are normally found in

A. Parasitic plants

B. Epiphytic plants

C. Leguminous plants

D. Aquatic plants

6. The United Nations Organisation was formed on

A. October 20,1945

B. November 11, 1944

C. October 24,1945

D. June 26,1946

7. Swetambara and Digambara are the sects of which religion

A. Hinduism

B. Buddhism

C. Jainism

D. Zorastrians

8. Indus Valley Civilisation became kown from excavations at

A. Mohanjodaro

B. Ropar

C. Harappa

D. None of these

9. The rotational motion of earth is maximum at the

A. North Pole

B. Tropic of Capricorn

C. Equator

D. Tropic of Cancer

10. The famous “Gir” forests are located in

A. Mysore

B. Kashmir

C. Gujarat

D. Kerala

11. Most abundant element in maximum rocks is

A. Silicon

B. Carbon

C. Iron

D. None of these

12. Which one of the following is the highest gravity dam in the world?

A. Beas Dam

B. Bhakra Dam

C. Hirakud

D. Nangal Dam


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