General Knowledge Quiz CBT 2nd Stage

1. A Presidential Ordinance can remain in force

A. for 3 months

B. for 6 months

C. for 9 months

D. Indefinitely

2. In a photocell light energy is converted into

A. Chemical energy

B. Electrical energy

C. Heat energy

D. Potential energy

3. Who developed the idea that “Means justify the ends”?

A. Kautiya

B. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

C. Swami Dayanand Saraswati

D. Mahatma Gandhi

4. The largest ‘Buddhist Temple’ in the world is located in

A. Thailand

B. Indonesia

C. Japan

D. China

5. In which language were Buddhist Literatures written?

A. Sanskrit

B. Pali

C. Prakrit

D. Hindi

6. “Labour Day” is celebrated on

A. 1st March

B. 1st April

C. 1st May

D. 1st June

7. The interval between two sessions of either House of Parliament should not exceed

A. Three months

B. Six months

C. Nine months

D. Twelve months

8. Provincial Autonomy was one of the important features of the Act of


B. 1919

C. 1909

D. 1858

9. The speaker of the Lok- Sabha has to address his/her letter of resignation to

A. Prime Minister of India

B. President of India

C. Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

D. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

10. The Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram are a witness to the art patronized by the

A. Pallavas

B. Pandyas

C. Cholas

D. Cheras