1. Who along with Bhagat Singh, was the main accused in Assembly Bomb case?

A. Ram Prasad Bismil

B. Ashafaqulla

C. Surya Sen

D. Batukeshwar Dutta

2. Which of the following is used in photography?

A. Silver Bromide

B. Sodium Bromide

C. Potassium Chloride

D. Sodium Sulphate

3. The abundant metal in the earth’s crust are?

A. Aluminum

B. Brass

C. Zinc

D. Copper

4. Who was the first winner of Dada Saheb Phalke Award?

A. B N Sarkar

B. Prithvi Raj Kapoor

C. Devika Rani

D. Kanan Devi

 5. Which planets do not have satellites?

A. Mars and Venus

B. Mercury and Venus

C. Mars and Mercury

D. Neptune and Pluto

6. The chemical name of Vitamin A is

A. Retinol

B. Biotic

C. Riboflavin

D. Ascorbic

7. Who is the author of One Night @ the Call Center?

A. Vikaram Seth

B. Chetan Bhagat

C. Anurag Mathur

D. Robin Sharma

8. How many times the Presidents of India can seek re-election to his place?

A. Only once

B. 2 times

C. Any number of times

D. 3 times

9. The first Asian Games were held in

A. Manila

B. Tokyo

C. Jakarta

D. New Delhi

10. The main source of energy in sun is

A. Nuclear fusion

B. Chemical reaction

C. Nuclear fission

D. Mechanical reaction



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