This is an important chapter in which questions are asked from Railway Recruitment Examination Psychological test.  Search route test very easy but due to lack of the basic concepts, this may be tough and candidates may commit mistakes.

 Direction (1 to 8) Read the following diagram carefully and answers the question given below it, try to solve within five minutes.


Question( 1 to 8):

1. Select the most convenient route to traverse from W to H

A. 4                                          B. 9

C. 3                                          D. 6

2. Which is the best route to go from H to D?

A. 7                                          B. 6

C. 8                                          D. 4

3. Select the shortest route to go from R to Z

A. 4                                          B. 2

C. 9                                          D. 7

4. Which is the best route to traverse from I to Z?

A. 3                                          B. 10

C. 8                                          D. 7

5. Which is the best route to go from Q to J?

A. 6                                          B. 7

C. 4                                          D. 3

6. Which is the best route to go from F to N?

A. 1                                          B.10

C. 5                                          D. 8

7. Which is the most convenient route to go from U to C?

A. 8                                          B. 9

C. 6                                          D. 7

8. Which is the shortest route to go from S to X?

A. 9                                          B. 7

C. 6                                          D. 2


 1.C 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.D 6.B 7.B 8.C


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