Directions: In Question Nos. 1 to 13 out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.


1. One who hides away on a ship to obtain a free passage?

A. Compositor

B. Stoker

C. Stowaway

D. Shipwright


2. Murder of a brother

A. Patricide

B. Regicide

C. Homicide

D. Fratricide



3. One who studies the pattern of voting in election?

A. Psephologist

B. Lexicographer

C. Cartographer

D. Anthropologist


4. Mental weariness for want of occupation

A. Fatigue

B. Ennui

C. Languor

D. Debility


5. Regard for others as a principle of action

A. Cynicism

B. Nepotism

C. Philanthropy

D. Altruism


6. Clues available at a scene

A. Circumstantial

B. Derivative

C. Inferential

D. Suggestive


7. A disease which spreads by contact

A. Infectious

B. Contagious

C. Contiguous

D. Contextual


8. Absence of the government

A. Anarchy

B. Aristocracy

C. Autocracy

D. Autonomy


9. To change shape, nature or substance of

A. Modulate

B. Substitute

C. Remodel

D. Transmute


10. An unexpected piece of good fortune

A. Windfall

B. Philanthropy

C. Benevolence

D. Turnstile


11. An office or post with no work but high pay

A. Honorary

B. Sinecure

C. Gratis

D. Ex-officio


12. An emolument over and above fixed income or salary

A. Honorarium

B. Sinecure

C. Perquisite

D. Prerogative


13. Person who is indifferent to both pleasure and pain

A. Saint

B. Ascetic

C. Stoic

D. Hermit