Direction 1 to 5: Each of the words/phrases A, B, C and D should replace the words/phrase given in underline in each of the following sentences so as to make them most effective and meaningfully correct.


1. The management gave an ID card to all of the employees.

A. all the employees

B. all of employees

C. all the employee

D. No correction required


2. I could not help to laugh at the comedy

A. help laughing at

B. laugh at

C. to laughing at

D. No correction required


3. I prefer to ride than to walk

A. ride to walk

B. riding than walking

C. riding to walking

D. No correction required


4. My parents both are teachers

A. my either parents are

B. both my parents are

C. my parents are either

D. No correction required


5. He is tallest of all the boys

A. taller

B. taller than

C. the tallest

D. No correction required


Direction of question 6 to 10: Fill in blanks with appropriate preposition


6. My sister is weak _____________ grammar

A. at                                         B. of

C. in                                         D. regarding


7. Ramya is married ________ Ramesh

A. with                                      B. at

C. between                                D. to


8. Though it may be fact, you cannot say it _______ her face.

A. behind                                  B. on

C. to                                         D. upon


9. Sunil has no control ___________ his temper.

A. over                                      B. at

C. in                                         D. on


10. The mother was concerned _________ the safety of the child.

A. with                                      B. about

C. for                                        D. upon




1.A 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.C 6.C 7.D 8.C 9.A 10.B