Aloof – uninvolved; keeping one’s distance

Synonyms: distance, detached


Illegible – not clear enough to be read.

Synonyms: unreadable, unintelligible


Adornment – a thing which decorates.

Synonyms: decoration, ornament


Innate –inborn; natural

Synonyms: inborn, natural


Assimilate – take in and understand fully ideas.

Synonyms: absorb, understand


Evoke – bring or recall memories

Synonyms: invoke, bring to mind


Credulous – eager to believe

Synonyms: gullible


Affluent – having a great deal of money

Synonyms: rich, prosperous


Paramount – more important than anything else; supreme

Synonyms: most important


Emphasis – special importance given to something

Synonyms: prominence, importance


Apathy – lack of interest.

Synonyms: unconcern, lack of enthusiasm


Culminate – to reach a highest development

Synonyms: climax, peak