Bedlam – fearful that something bad will happen.

Synonyms: anxious, worried.


Penurious – extremely poor.

Synonyms:  poor destitute, necessitous.


Turpitude – wicked behavior or character.

Synonyms: wickedness, immorality, depravity, corruption.


Progenitor – an ancestor or parent.

Synonyms: ancestor, forefather.


Vagabond – a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job.

Synonyms: itinerant, wanderer, nomad.


Mortification – great embarrassment and shame.

Synonyms:  humiliation, awkwardness.


Begrudge – envy (someone) the possession or enjoyment of (something).

Synonyms: envy, grudge, resent.


Perpetual – never ending or changing.

Synonyms: eternal, permanent, unending, endless.


Invigorates – give strength or energy to.

Synonyms: revitalize, energize, and refresh.


Razed – completely destroy

Synonyms: destroy, demolish


Abound – exist in large numbers or amounts.

Synonyms:  superabound, thrive, and flourish.