1. What is the disease caused due to the infection by a bacterium called Heliobacter pylori?

A. Tooth decay

B. Peptic ulcer

C. Liver cirrhosis

D. Peritonitis

2. The 13 chambered hearts occurs in

A. Leech

B. Earthworm

C. Snail

D. Cockroach


3. Who discovered ABO blood group?

A. Karl Landsteiner

B. T H Morgon

C. A S Wiener

D. Galwin

4. Respiratory center is present in

A. The cerebellum

B. The Medulla Oblongata

C. The Spinal Cord

D. The Parietal lobe

5. Which of the following is non-bio degradable pollutant?

A. Mercury

B. Plastic 



D. All of the above

6. The vascular bundles are ‘Skull Shaped’ in

A. Dicot root

B. Monocot root

C. Dicot stem

D. Monocot stem

7. Which of the following is the function of Leucoplast?

A. help in photo-synthesis

B. help in the storage of food

C. provide colour to the flowers and the fruits.


D. help in chromoplast

8. Number of stomata is less and sunk in

A. Xerophytes

B. Neophytes

C. Hydrophytes

D. Halophytes


 9. Which of the following act as Emergency Gland?

A. Thymus

B. Thyroid

C. Pituitary

D. Adrenal

10. The root pockets are present instead of root caps in

A. Utricularia

B. Eichhornia

C. Hydrilla

D. Lymnophylla

11. The mineral impurities in blood are removed by

A. Lungs

B. Kidney

C. Spleen

D. Liver

12. Lateral meristem is responsible for which one of the following

A. Growth in parenchyma

B. Growth in length

C. Growth in thickness

D. Growth in cortex