Correctly spelt words for ssc cgl tier 2 and ssc chsl

Directions: In question no 1 to 10, four words are given in each question, out of which only one word is correctly spelled. Find the correctly spelled word in given questions.

1. A. Dysentary

    B. Dysantery

    C. Dysentry

    D. Dysentery


2.  A. Endeavour

     B. Endaevour

     C. Endevour

     D. Endeavore

3.  A. Rejevanation

     B. Rejuvenation

     C. Rejvenation

     D. Rejuenation

4.  A. Unneccessary

     B. Unscruplous

     C. Unparaleled

     D. Unprecedented

5.  A. Qestalt

     B. Imbrolios

     C. Ampasse

     D. Recondite

6.  A. Relinquish

     B. Relenquish

     C. Relinqeush

     D. Relinquesh

7.  A. Hindrance

     B. Corespondence

     C. Insurence

     D. Assurence

8.  A. Adversery

     B. Adultary

     C. Advisory

     D. Arbitary

9.  A. Expecetation

     B. Expactation

     C. Expectation

     D. Expectetion

10. A. Rogen

      B. Colleague

      C. Diluge

      D. Allage