general knowledge quiz for ssc chsl and Railways RRB NTPC Main Exam

1. Cost of production of the producer is given by:

A. sum of wages paid to labourers.

B. sum of wages and interest paid on capital.

C.sum of wages, interest, rent and supernormal profit.

D. sum of wages, interest, rent and normal profit.

2. ‘Kesari’, the Newspaper was started by

A. G.K. Gokhale

B. B. G. Tilak

C. Sardar Patel

D. Raja Ram Mohan Roy


3. When was the Indian Constitution adopted?

A. 15th August, 1947

B. 26th November, 1949

C. 26th January, 1950

D. 2nd October, 1952

4. Which one of the following is the smallest endocrine gland in human body ?

A. Adrenal

B. Thyroid

C. Pituitary

D. Pancreas

5. Double is a_______data type.

A. primitive

B. user defined

C. system defined

D. local

6. Yellow spots on citrus leaves is due to the deficiency of:

A. Zinc

B. Magnesium

C. Boron

D. Iron

7. Rangaswami Cup is associated with

A. Wrestling

B. Football

C. Hockey

D. Golf

8. The working of a rockets based on the principle of:

A. Conservation of momentum

B. Conservation of mass

C. Conservation of energy

D. Conservation of angular momentum

9. Which one of the following is a Wild Life Sanctuary ?

A. Jaldapara

B. Garumara

C. Corbett

D. Chapramari

10. The river which is used for inland waterways in India is .

A. Ganga

B. Cauvery

C. Mahi

D. Luni

11. The atmospheric layer closest to the earth is:

A. Mesosphere

B. Hydrosphere

C. Troposphere

D. Ionosphere

12. ‘Yellow Revolution’ is associated with the production of

A. Poultry

B. Gold

C. Sunflower

D. Oil seeds

13. The state which has recently overtaken Karnataka for the top rank in the production of bio-fertilizers is

A. Tamil Nadu

B. Gujarat

C. Maharashtra

D. Punjab

14. The upper house of the State Legislature in India is called

A. Council

B. Legislative Assembly

C. Executive Council

D. Governor - in - Council


1.D 2.B 3.B 4.C 5.A 6.B 7.C 8.A 9.C 10.A 11.C 12.D 13.A 14.A